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Public Relations

Public Relations is the Practice of creating, promoting or maintaining goodwill and a favourable image of a company amongst its many "publics" - be it customers, distributors or its own employees. On a practical level, that may be as simple as creating regular and positive awareness of a company and maximising exposure for its products.

The Communications Mix
Public Relations however, cannot work alone and successful campaigns are usually the result of a wider use of the communication mix:
  • Public Relations
  • Advertising
  • Web
  • Direct mail
  • Exhibitions
  • Sales force
  • Third Party recommendation
By judiciously selecting and combining two or more of these tools, an effective communication programme can be devised. Market-Led Services regards PR as the hub of the communication mix through which other disciplines work. For this reason, a PR programme usually lies the very heart of proposals made by Market-Led Services.

Our PR Services
MLS works on a retainer basis. Monthly fees are by negotiation dependent on workload involved. Market-Led Services’ standard PR package includes the following, but can be readily tailored to meet individual client's requirements:
  • Regular liaison with editors of key trade & consumer publications
  • Maintaining electronic mailing list of titles
  • Developing annual features list & responding month on month
  • Drafting, agreeing & distributing press releases and case studies
  • Keeping and maintaining clients' photo library
  • Photographic service for case studies
  • Arranging 'separations' charges
  • Writing CD-Roms with images for distributors
  • Providing a clippings service for main titles
  • Management of third party projects such as creative work
  • All copywriting adverts; literature; mailshots; newsletters
  • Arranging and attending press lunches
  • All reasonable telephone, fax and travel costs

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