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Advertising is an important adjunct to PR. With many publications, a series booking of display advertising will smooth the way for an improved uptake of Press Releases and Feature Responses. For this reason, MLS will always recommend that advertising be included as an important part of any communication programme.

Industry Knowledge
Market-Led Services has good relationships with advertising desks on all the major foodservice, vending trade titles. This means that MLS is able to buy advertising space (even for modest campaigns) at advantageous prices.

For clients taking the standard PR package from MLS, space booking is undertaken free of charge. MLS will then rebate half the standard agency discount, provided clients take the invoice for space bookings.

Our Service
The Space Buying service covers:
  • Negotiating with advertising desks
  • Preparing & sending space booking acknowledgements
  • Drafting and updating the advertising schedule
  • Liaising with designers and arranging copy rotation
  • Liaising with advertising desks to meet copy deadlines

Add a space buying service to your PR package for free and MLS will rebate half its agency discount.

Quote from Marco Olmi, Director, The Drury Tea & Coffee Company